Dear Tiffany Haddish

Dear Tiffany Haddish

I’m going to see you at the casino tonight

and I know you will make me laugh.

So I would like to lay out

the reasons why

we can be friends

-best friends, if you want-

and I can make you laugh too.

(That’s reason #1).

We can drink together

because I like to drink and

do wild things and meet random folks

and tell stories the next day.

We can walk city streets together

and talk loudly

and stare at people

and curse and laugh some more.

Sometimes I’ll be your quiet friend

who listens more than she speaks

because I’m really good at listening

and who doesn’t want a friend like that?

I’m warm and understanding

and I’ll never judge you harshly

(but we can still judge others.)

I like movies and TV

and you’re on movies and TV.

I can bring you coffee and sandwiches

and I give good gifts at Christmas.

I also like to curse (did I say that already)

and to stay out late.

I’m assuming you like these things

but I guess I’ll find out more about you tonight

when you make me laugh.



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Before Your Speech

Don’t worry

You’ll be great!

Just remember a few things:

Stand up tall

but stay loose.

Be confident

but remain humble.

Make them laugh

but take it seriously.

Stick with the script

but tell them a story.

Exude warmth

but keep it concise.

Leave room for questions

but have the answers.

Show off your hard work

but make it look effortless.

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When you roar at me

Like some wild creature

Threatened and swinging

I want to

Lunge at your throat


Tear at your eyeballs

Instead I roar back

Startled by my own wild anger


Wait for your next attack

We stare with widened eyes

Salivating at the fight

Fury on the surface for once


With a breath

We both hope for retreat

I don’t move

Can only stand and seethe


We silently turn

And pad away

And keep walking

January escapes (haiku)

Sitting in the car

Listening to opera

To avoid the gym.


Sitting in the car

Typing mediocre poems

To avoid the gym.


Sitting in the car

To avoid the groceries

For nearly an hour.


Watching a squirrel

Scrambling for twigs and branches,

Pretending, like me.


Checked out and checking –

Email, posts, offers, updates

Anywhere but here.

Been a while (haiku)

What does a blog do

when neglected – doze? collapse?

Hibernates, perhaps.

Let's start with this cat:
Paw on my shoulder, purring
Loves my writing life. 

Why write when there are

shows to watch, so many shows:

Succession and such.

But like that, it's done
First a chore, now a pleasure
Poor poems, but all yours.


That sudden No colors the world

In harsh gray doubt

You’re not good enough – it’s proven

Sit there with that confirmation

Of your failure, your mediocrity.

Feel your throat tighten

and bile pool in your belly.

Your brain collects all the evidence

(Having filed it away for this moment for years)

Retrieves memories of stumbles

Bad days turned into patterns

The truth behind your actions.

Rebound, they say. Resilience.

How to grow stronger with a heart

Punctured by its deepest fear?


I want to belong among the cool ones,

The confident and clever,

Who seem to breeze through life.

I want to belong among the wise ones,

The thinkers and dreamers,

Who cultivate ideas and courage.

I want to belong among the odd ones,

The shy and thoughtful,

Who prefer the company of a page.

I want to belong in friendships.

I want to belong in family.

I want to belong in career.

I want to belong in community.

I want to belong, and stay belonging, and belong unconditionally.

I want to belong in my own skin,

The flaws and the journeys,

Someone who knows, and owns, and loves.